OpenStack私有云服务提供商Blue Box获1000万美元融资

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  •  2014-10-29
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OpenStack融资、并购新闻不断,又一家喜报传来:)。云计算初创公司Blue Box,公司宗旨在将OpenStack私有云部署到全世界,已经完成B轮1000万美元融资,融资来自于Voyager Capital与Founders Collective。面对私有云广阔的市场,Blue Box也在未来几周或几个月间计划合作伙伴策略。


Blue Box, a cloud startup that aims to deploy private clouds anywhere in the world in under an hour, has completed a $10 Million Series B financing round with investors Voyager Capital and Founders Collective.

Blue Box launched in general availability in May 2014 with a “best of both worlds” solution designed to provide the agility and elasticity of public cloud coupled with the control, compliance, data sovereignty, and performance benefits of a traditional, on-premise private cloud.

According to a blog post from Blue Box founder and CTO Jesse Proudman, the Series B funding will help further develop its technology, including updates to its management suite, Box Panel, and adding features to Blue Box Cloud deployments. The company will also be hiring in its engineering department, and invest in sales and marketing.

Proudman sees Blue Box as a unique solution in the marketplace. It basically allows private OpenStack clouds to be consumed as a service rather than require companies to build their own private cloud solutions on their own infrastructure, using an OpenStack distribution. Blue Box provides customers a private cloud on dedicated hardware and manages it on their behalf.

“We feel fortunate to have entered the market with a unique product, at a point in time where OpenStack has reached a level of operational and feature maturity, and customers are ready to shift their focus from running infrastructure to building apps that bring true enterprise value,” Proudman wrote.

“OpenStack is the open source cloud platform for the future, and Blue Box has delivered a service powered by the software that is precisely what many enterprises and service providers want to consume.”

Private cloud is still enormously appealing for companies. A recent report from analyst firmTechnology Business Research anticipates private cloud adoption to grow at a faster rate than companies choosing the public cloud. Private cloud was worth $8 billion in 2010 and $32 billion in 2013, and is expected to grow to $69 billion in 2018.

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